Fun for Everyone!

            Some of the snow melted off the field over the weekend, so I finally got to run around a bit at Rosenblatt Stadium. It feels good to get out of my den and streetttttch out! I just can’t wait for the season to start, I’ve already been practicing my dance moves and perfecting my swing, just in case the Royals need a pinch hitter!

            New news in Royal-ville is our new online merchandise store. My good buddy Jason runs the store and has worked his tail off (Glad I still have mine!) to give everybody a chance to buy cool gear even in the offseason. Browse around at: and pick up your new shirts, hats and novelty items to get ready for the season!

            And for you kids, we’ve got a great opportunity to get you in the stadium for free baseball fun! It’s our Royals Kids club! For only $10 you get all sorts of cool free stuff like a T-shirt and a pennant and free game day passes on Sunday and Wednesday nights! Sign up HERE! The more kids we have at the ballpark, the more fun we can all have!

            Well, I’ve got to go find Spike, I’m sure him and Herman the Nut are up to no good somewhere in the stadium.  


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